What is the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub is a shared workspace for Missionaries and Missions groups in the GTA. The Missions Hub aims to serve and encourage Missionaries and Missions workers by providing opportunities for fellowship and training, office space and services, and quality space for meetings and events. The Missions Hub opened its doors in February 2016.

Where is the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub is located in Knox Presbyterian Church in downtown Toronto (630 Spadina Ave).  A beautiful, sun filled space on the 3rd floor of the Church was completely renovated to create the Missions Hub.  Being located in Knox Church is a great gift for the Hub, and lets us use larger spaces and meeting rooms located within the Church facilities when they are required.  The Missional focus and legacy of Knox Church has also been a great gift for the Missions Hub.

Who is Involved in the Missions Hub?

30+ Missions agencies and 100’s of Missionaries have taken part in Missions Hub events, meetings, shared workspace and activities.  The following Missions agencies are active shareholders in the Missions Hub; TEAM, OMF, Avant, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Why have a Missions Hub?

Missionaries are facing unprecedented challenges in Canada today. Funding shortages and societal attitudes towards evangelical Christianity have pushed missionaries into the margins. In an effort to save funds, many missionaries work in isolation, operating out of basements and bedrooms, rather than offices.  By bringing together people in Missions, the Missions Hub aims to support and encourage missions workers. The Hub also provides an effective connection point, bringing together missions agencies & workers to collaborate and support one another.

What is the history of the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub was set up as a Kingdom experiment in 2014/2015 by Knox Church in downtown Toronto. The goal of the Missions Hub initiative was to creatively champion and encourage mission by bringing together missionaries, missions agencies and those interested in missions.  The hope and dream was that the Missions Hub could be a catalyst for missional engagement, and a tangible bricks and mortar space to help focus attention on Mission.

The Missions agency TEAM quickly came along side Knox Church, becoming a founding partner in the Missions Hub.  A number of other agencies including OMF, Wycliffe, Avant, MECO, OM, LAM and others went on to join the Missions Hub as monthly contributors and participants.  Dozens of other missions groups & Churches, and 100’s of individuals have become involved in the Missions Hub through events, training sessions, prayer days and meetings.  The Missions Hub is still emerging, changing and growing in its impact.  It is exciting to imagine what God will do in and through the Hub in the days to come.

Have more Questions?

Please take a look at the News section of this website to get more of a feel for what is happening in and through the Missions Hub.

Feel free to contact Chez at chez@knoxtoronto.org