What is the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub is a network of missions agencies, campus groups, and churches who are committed to working together for the glory of God and the good of the world. Featuring a shared workspace for individuals and organizations involved in missions and ministry in the Toronto area, the Missions Hub encourages generous collaboration in the Kingdom and is a space where workers can exchange ideas, pray, learn, and support one another. The Missions Hub welcomes University of Toronto students and others to explore what it is like to work in missions. The Missions Hub facilitates collaboration between missions organizations, churches and campus groups.

Who is Involved in the Missions Hub?

TEAM, OMF, Avant, and Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Knox World Mission are all strong partners in the Missions Hub. In addition to these, there are 30+ Missions Agencies, Churches, Campus Groups and 100+ Christian Workers who have been part of the Missions Hub in various ways.

There are currently two staff at the Missions Hub:
Chez: Director, takes point for all Missions Agency and Church Engagement
Khevna: Mobilization Coordinator, connects with Campus Groups, University Students and others who are exploring Global Missions opportunities.

Where is the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub is located in Knox Presbyterian Church in downtown Toronto (630 Spadina Ave). Our beautiful, sun filled space is on the 3rd floor of the Church. Being located in Knox Church is a great gift for the Hub, and lets us use larger spaces and meeting rooms located within the Church facilities when required. The Missional focus and legacy of Knox Church is also a great gift for the Missions Hub.

Why have a Missions Hub?

Missionaries are facing unprecedented challenges in Canada today. Funding shortages and societal attitudes towards evangelical Christianity have pushed missionaries into the margins. In an effort to save funds, many missionaries work in isolation, operating out of basements and bedrooms, rather than offices. By bringing together people in Missions, the Missions Hub aims to support and encourage missions workers. The Hub also provides an effective connection point, bringing together missions agencies & workers to collaborate and support one another.

What is the history of the Missions Hub?

The Missions Hub was set up as a Kingdom experiment in 2014/2015 by Knox Church in downtown Toronto. The Missions Hub officially opened its doors in February 2016. The goal of the Missions Hub initiative was to creatively champion and encourage mission by bringing together missionaries, missions agencies and those interested in missions. The hope and dream was that the Missions Hub could be a catalyst for missional engagement, and a tangible bricks and mortar space to help focus attention on Mission. The Missions agency TEAM quickly came alongside Knox Church, becoming a founding partner in the Missions Hub, soon joined by Wycliffe Bible Translators, Avant, and OMF. Dozens of other missions groups & Churches, and hundreds of individuals have become involved in the Missions Hub in vital ways. The Missions Hub is still emerging, changing and growing in its impact. It is exciting to imagine what God will do in and through the Hub in the days to come.

Is the Missions Hub good for International Students?

We believe that international students have incredible opportunity to reach the nations, and we are a good meeting place everyone who is called to engage in missions through prayer, learning, sending, going, or mobilizing. We also believe that welcoming is an important act of obedience. However, there are better communities for seeking international students to engage in, and we would be happy to direct you to them. Currently, the agencies that we work with most closely are North American sending agencies.

Have more Questions?

We would love to talk to you!

Are you a University Student or exploring Missions Engagement?
Email Khevna[at]missionshub.ca

Are you part of a Missions Agency or contacting us on behalf of a Church?
Email Chez[at]missionshub.ca

You are also welcome to follow us everywhere @MissionsHubTO or check out the News section of this website to get more of a feel for what is happening in and through the Missions Hub.